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About us


STILLE Tecnologia & InovaĆ§Ć£o is a company that provides technological solutions. We reach our clients needs through the development of products (software and hardware), consulting services and automated management support.

We possess significant experience within the within the mass transportation sector, developing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with the objective of enhancing the supervision and control of operational processes. STILLE Tecnologia & InovaĆ§Ć£o can also provide solutions in the areas of energy, electronic automation, information technology and telecommunications for improved safety, efficiency and productivity.

STILLE Tecnologia & InovaĆ§Ć£o develops reliable customized technological solutions for critical mission applications according to the client’s needs. We work with ethic, innovat ion and commitment from our collaborators, meeting the management quality standards determined by ISO 9001:2015.



To offer technological solutions to satisfy our clients needs with creativity, reliability and innovation, increasing the value of our business.


Be recognized as an innovative company and provider of highly reliable technological solutions.

Quality Policy

  • We develop highly reliable technological solutions investing on the training of our collaborators.
  • Constantly improving internal processes and new business to the growth and increase of profitability.

ISO 9001:2015

STILLE Tecnologia & InovaĆ§Ć£o products and services conform to international standards as required by the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.


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